November 15, 2007

Zionist World Domination: The Invaders are the Terrorists

There is increasing evidence of an 'alice in wonderland' quality about politics in the western world. During the efforts to bring peace to palestine in the 1990s, the jews-only state accelerated its lebensraum policies in palestine. After the collapse of the soviet empire, russia was taken over by jewish oligarchs who pushed the russian government into a second invasion of chechnya. And after 9/11 america's jewish elite took over control of the bush regime and transformed the so-called 'war against terrorists threatening america' into a 'war against terrorists who threatened the jews-only state but who were no threat to america'. This led to america's proxy zionist invasions of afghanistan and iraq. The jewish neocons are still trying to push the bush regime into an invasion of iran. In all these invasions - palestine, chechnya, agfghanistan, and iraq, the jewish, or jewish led, invaders denounced as terrorists, or islamic fundamentalists, or jihadis, or more frequently these days, islamofascists, those who heroically resisted the occupiers.

These parallel developments in the jewish run states in palestine, russia, and america, suggest there is a global zionist conspiracy to steal moslem lands and moslem resources in order to prevent moslem countries from industrializing and acquiring the military means to defend themselves against jewish imperialism. The jews have stolen palestinian land in palestine; they stole a huge proportion of russia's natural resources from the russian people; and they're trying to steal afghanistan's and iraq's oil reserves and assets. Zionists are liars, cheats, thieves, and racists. They are poisoning the well of harmonious international relationships.

This website supports all those who resist global jewish terrorism. Thankfully putin rebelled against the jewish oligarchs and curbed their control over russia's major industries and its political system. America, britain, and france, all need their own putins. No wonder the zionist dominated western media is demonizing putin in the hope that jewish oligarchs will regain control over russia's biggest industries. The jewish oligarchs continually denounce putin's efforts to recover russia's stolen resources as a theft as great as that carried out by the nazis during world war II. Now that's what i call chutzpah!! It surely won't be too long before the jews insist that palestinians ought to pay them compensation for the expense of having to carry out their nazi lebensraum policy in palestine. Whilst jews are stealing resources in palestine, afghanistan, and iraq, they're still demanding compensation for losses suffered during the second world war.

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