July 28, 2014

A Litany of Likudnik Disasters

A single disaster is tragic enough but a litany of disasters suggests something beyond the tragic. These disasters, to name only the most prominent, include the western backed overthrow of mohammed ghaddafi in libya and the subsequent disintegration of that country, the western backed attempt to overthrow president bashar al-assad of syria, the explosive rise of the islamic state in syria and iraq giving rise to an islamic caliphate, the overthrow of the democratically elected morsi government in egypt by a military coup led by a fanatically anti-moslem brotherhood president, etc. However, it is the latest such disasters that are the focus of this article: the latest attack and invasion of gaza by the jews-only state; the fascist ukrainian junta’s rampant war on what it regards as its own people in eastern ukraine; and the shooting down of the malaysian commercial airliner mh17.

The bbc, which still lays claim to impartiality and objectivity, treated the downing of mh17 as if it were an act of war (initiated by russia against britain’s newly found ally, the ukraine) which thereby required it to adopt a patriotic stance in line with the views of the government of the day. Its 24 hour news service became dominated by the disaster thereby downgrading the invasion of gaza by what benjamin netanyahu calls “the one and only-jewish state” to a three minute segment at the end of its regular half hour news cycle – it had long since ignored the ukrainian junta’s military invasion of eastern ukraine. Prior to the downing of the malaysian aircraft, the aerial bombardment of gaza had resulted in the deaths of nearly two hundred palestinians - the vast majority of them innocent, not involved in any military activities, many of whom were children. The invasion of gaza started the day after the downing of mh17 and the death toll of palestinians started to accelerate. Bbc newsreaders expressed not the slightest glimmer of anger or outrage at the deaths of innocent palestinians but their reaction to the downing of the malaysian airliner was full of moral outrage and indignation combined with utter condemnation of those they believed were responsible i.e russian separatists in eastern ukraine and ultimately president putin of russia.

So, from the bbc’s perspective, the slaughter of over two hundred innocent palestinians warranted no moral condemnation whilst the loss of three hundred people in the airplane crash over eastern ukraine was treated with the utmost moral outrage which quickly morphed into incessant and comprehensive condemnations of president putin. The bbc not merely tried to sustain an unjustifiable contrast in its treatment of these two disasters but sought to use the moral outrage over mh17 to give credence to its downgrading of concern over the invasion of gaza. It jumped straight onto what it deemed to be the moral high ground over the downing of mh17 in order to present itself as a valid and trusted arbiter of global morality thereby justifying its neglect of the massacre in gaza. The more forcefully the bbc condemned the downing of mh17 and putin’s alleged role in the disaster, the more it could present itself as a decent, trustworthy and honourable moral arbiter in order to make its crassly bigoted analysis of the one and only-jewish state’s slaughter of unarmed palestinians seem reasonable and just.

This comparative immorality was however far more prevalent beyond the confines of broadcasting house. Whilst the one and only-jewish state (abbreviated here to the jews-only state or jos) had been bombarding gaza, jewish politicians had been continually speculating about the need for a ground invasion. The downing of the airliner enabled netanyahu to conclude that this was a golden opportunity to launch a ground invasion because he knew the western media could preoccupy itself with his tragedy for the next few days at the very least thereby allowing the apartheid state’s merciless attacks on gaza to continue without arousing the wrath of the international community. The mainstream media around the western world duly complied. In effect, the bbc and the rest of the western mainstream media were in cahoots with the racist state to cover up the slaughter in gaza by hyping up condemnations of russian separatists and president putin for their alleged involvement in the downing of the malaysian airliner.

Western governments, heavily dominated by neocon politicians, also hyped up the mh17 disaster to defuse public opinion about the diabolical jewish massacre of palestinians in gaza which has been like shooting fish in a barrel. American politicians gave their full support to the jewish attack on, and invasion of, gaza and so their primary role was hyping up the mh17 disaster to ensure that public anger over gaza did not reach such a point that it forced them into calling for a premature end of the massacre. The british neocon government demanded further sanctions against russia to stop the sale of dual use products that could be used by russia, and thus they believed russian separatists in eastern ukraine, to halt the ukrainian junta’s slaughter of innocent russian speaking people. It did not however made a single statement about sanctioning the jos to stop it from using its armaments to murder innocent palestinians. For jewish extremists in the racist state, western neocon politicians, and the western mainstream media, the downing of the malaysian airliner must have seemed like a gift from god enabling them to get away with yet another moral outrage against the palestinians in gaza without having to face as much of an adverse reaction as there would have been without the disaster over the ukraine.

Western politicians and the western media have heaped such a torrent of scandalous accusations and outrageous lies against russia and especially president putin whilst remaining silent over the jos’s slaughter of palestinians in gaza that it reveals with crystal clarity the extent to which these politicians, broadcasters and journalists are dominated by likudnik interests. America’s likudnik owned congress and its likudnik dominated media have become a laughing stock around the world for their subservience to the interests of the only-jewish state. They have become likudnik—owned bitches willing to do whatever is necessary to deflect criticism of the theft of palestinian land and the slaughter of palestinian people. Western democracies supposedly resting on the principle of private property allows the jewish state to steal palestinian private property without uttering a word of criticism. The neocons are students of levi-strauss who promoted the idea of state’s propounding big lies in order to unify and control society. Western, especially american, neocons have a history of promoting outlandish big lies against their enemies, the most well known of which is that saddam hussein had wmd’s and was in league with al quaeda. American neocon lies over bashar al-assad’s supposed chemical attack on opponents in damascus nearly brought about a western military attack on syria. The preposterous and extravagant denunciations of putin could lead to a war against russia. It is as if neocons around the western world compete with each other to fabricate the biggest and most outrageous lies in the hope of triggering yet more wars that will enhance likudnik interests around the world.

During the bbc’s late thursday evening (July 17) round up of the following day’s newspapers, a newsreader waved in front of the camera a copy of the sun newspaper’s scandalous and sickening front page headline ‘Putin’s Missile’ as if to suggest the sun had correctly interpreted the cause of this terrible event. (The day after this headline was published, a judge dismissed a case brought by a sun on sunday reporter who had attempted to trap a celebrity into selling cocaine, accusing the reporter of being totally unreliable. But then again isn’t this the case with all of murdoch’s hacks around the world? It is highly unlikely that the sun or any murdoch publication was in the slightest bit embarrassed by this judgment).

The following day, the bbc covered the television conference given by president poroshenko, a ukrainian oligarch, who blamed, with total certainty but without a shred of evidence, russian separatists for the downing of the aircraft calling them terrorists before going on to spread the blame to russia and especially putin. It also covered arsenly yatsenyuk’s television conference when he called russian separatists deemed responsible for the tragedy “bastards” – his intention of course was to inflame global political opinion in the hope of increasing the odds that the international community would be willing to provide the ukraine with financial support and nato military protection. The bbc also presented, without any proof of its authenticity, a supposedly secret recording made by ukrainian secret services of a telephone conversation between ukrainian anti-fascists in which a local fighter told his commanding officer that his unit had shot down the malaysian aircraft. Over a week later, the authenticity of the tape has still not been established even though this should be relatively easy to do by naming those in the conversation. If the ukrainian secret services had got a recording of the admission of guilt they must also have the names of those involved in the conversation.

The bbc refused to present any alternative point of view which might cast any doubt over the certainty of its accusation that putin’s private army in eastern ukraine had deliberately shot down the malaysian passenger aircraft. Although it frequently pointed out that there were no confirmable facts it then proceeded on the basis that its accusations were beyond the need of confirmation.

The bbc’s cover-up of the ukrainian government’s military attacks on the people of eastern ukraine and its downplaying of the massacre of palestinians, means that its pretence to a moral stance over the destruction of mh17 was entirely without legitimacy. If the bbc can’t condemn the jewish state for its military operation against virtually unarmed palestinian people and can’t condemn the ukrainian government for similarly using military force against its own people, then it has no credibility over the mh17 tragedy no matter how much it tried to present itself as an impartial and objective reporter of facts. The bbc is no different from the rest of the likudnik dominated western mainstream media which is basically produced by schmucks for the benefit of schmucks.

It is not known who shot down mh17 and it is not even beyond doubt that it was shot down by a missile launched from the ground. The airliner could have been destroyed by a bomb on board the plane – it seems a little coincidental that two malaysian airliners have been lost over the last couple of months. It could have been shot down by a fighter jet. Despite these doubts, the president of the united states declared on saturday (july 19), presumably after consulting with his intelligence services, that the aircraft had been shot down by a missile “from an area controlled by russian backed ukrainian rebels”. However, after the embarrassing debacle over his allegation that the syrian government was responsible for the chemical weapons attack on damascus because the missiles had allegedly emanated from “an area controlled by the syrian government” then perhaps he should have been more politically circumspect and avoided reminding people of this mistake by using virtually the same phraseology. Since his security forces had got it so wrong about the origin in damascus of the syrian chemical missiles why should anyone invest any confidence in them to get it right in the ukraine? Especially when the military situation on the ground in the ukraine is so fluid. President ronald reagan described the american shooting down of an iranian airliner as an “understandable accident”. “… on July 3, 1988, the USS Vincennes fired a missile that brought down an Iranian civilian airliner in the Persian Gulf, killing 290 people, an act which President Ronald Reagan explained as an “understandable accident”).” (Ray McGovern ‘Facts Needed on Malaysian Plane Shoot-Down’ http://www.commondreams.org/view/2014/07/19-2 July 19, 2014). If russian separatists had downed the malaysian aircraft it would be far more of an accident than when the commander of one of america’s most technologically advanced destroyers, downed the iranian airliner. But the days when americans might feel a little understanding or sympathy for those who had brought about the mh17 disaster because of what their military had done to an iranian airliner are well and truly over. These days americans are exceptionalists (something like secular dispensationalists) who can do no wrong despite the mountain of corpses they have piled up around the middle east over the last twenty five years.

In comparison to the bbc’s utterly odious presentations of the three disasters in the ukraine and gaza, al jazeera choose to keep at the top of its news agenda the jewish military operation against unarmed palestinian civilians in gaza. It rightly believed that the deliberate killing of innocent people in gaza was a far more important news story than the seemingly accidental downing of mh17. Its coverage of the mh17 catastrophe has been far more moderate, sensible and reasonable than that of the bbc’s despite the fact that on most other issues it generally treats putin with a degree of contempt.

By far and away the best media presentation of these three tragedies has come from russian television. Not only has it raised important questions about the downing of the malaysian aircraft, it has highlighted the aggressiveness of the ukrainian government’s military offensive against its own people as a background to the mh17 tragedy. The western public is shocked that a passenger aircraft could have been shot down but this is primarily because it knows so little about the scale of the war the ukrainian government has launched on its own people. The ukrainian military is besieging and then flattening large numbers of villages across the region. It is shelling residential areas in major cities in eastern ukraine. It has killed thousands of innocent people and forced hundreds of thousands of ordinary people to flee from their homes in case they become yet another casualty of such indiscriminate attacks. Is it surprising that such attacks have led to a resistance movement which seeks to get hold of any weapons it can to defend itself even though most of its fighters have no military training? It is absurd to believe that russian anti-fascists are not going to try to continue shooting down ukrainian fighter jets given the carnage that the these jets have unleashed against their own people.

One of the most pertinent questions rt raised is why the ukrainian government allowed commercial airliners to fly over a war zone especially when it knew that over the previous few months helicopters, air transporters, and fighter jets had been shot down by resistance fighters? If anyone could be blamed for the accidental shooting down of mh17 then it has to be the fascist ukrainian government for allowing passenger flights over such a dangerous war zone. It has even been proposed that the plane was diverted from the normal route over eastern ukraine to one that took it even closer to the fighting.

The reason the fascist ukrainian government refused to stop commercial jets flying over the war zone is because for the last few months it has been trying to pretend that there has been no war taking place in eastern ukraine and that the hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the ukrainian military’s indiscriminate shelling of their homes was not a humanitarian disaster warranting help from the united nations.

During the last weeks of june, the russian, german and french governments tried to persuade poroshenko’s fascist government to continue a ceasefire in eastern ukraine. But it refused to do so and, at the beginning of july, launched a wholesale military campaign to crush the resistance fighters. Poroshenko launched this latest round of the war without stopping airliners from flying over the war zone. Putin is thus correct in arguing that if the fascist government had not decided to renew its military attacks rather than seeking a peace agreement then this tragedy would never have happened. “On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin deflected questions about who may have fired the missile as he called for an international investigation. But he made a telling point when he noted that the “tragedy would not have happened if military actions had not been renewed in southeast Ukraine.”” (Ray McGovern ‘Facts Needed on Malaysian Plane Shoot-Down’ http://www.commondreams.org/view/2014/07/19-2 July 19, 2014). See also, “Putin is more than correct when he stressed this tragedy would not have happened if Poroshenko had agreed to extend a cease-fire, as Merkel, Hollande and Putin tried to convince him in late June. At a minimum, Kiev is already guilty because they are responsible for safe passage of flights in the airspace they - theoretically - control.” (Pepe Escobar ‘It was Putin's missile!’ http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Central_Asia/CEN-01-190714.html July 18, 2014).

But then again perhaps the shooting down of this aircraft is exactly what the poroshenko government was hoping might happen knowing that this would give the junta a huge publicity coup against the anti-fascists and that this would encourage western countries to offer political and military protection to the ukraine. Just as the anti-fascists sought to provoke putin into invading eastern ukraine so perhaps poroshenko might have hoped that some sort of tragic incident would force the west to come to the country’s rescue. Such a dire accusation cannot be that far off the mark given that this fascist government has so enthusiastically slaughtered its own people and given that the russian government has revealed that a fighter jet was in the vicinity of the mh17 airliner just before it was downed. This has led some to speculate that the jet fighter was using the airliner as a human shield before attacking its targets in novorussiya. At the moment the relatives of the victims of mh17 are mourning their losses but once they start campaigning for justice for their loved ones they are almost certain to initiate litigation against the ukrainian government for such gross irresponsibilities. Perhaps even against the american government which it is pretending that it didn’t know there were any anti-aircraft weapons in eastern ukraine prior to the downing of mh17 whilst also maintaining that they were tracking the flow of armaments from russia to the ukraine.

The ukrainian government’s military offensive against its own people is almost identical to the jos’s military offensive against palestinians in gaza. The ukrainian military is besieging and flattening eastern ukraine in exactly the same way the jos is besieging and flattening gaza. In both cases, the militaries cut off villages, besiege them by destroying all power and water supplies and then shell residential areas indiscriminately whilst claiming they are targeting only militants. They both claim that militants are hiding in residential areas or hospitals or public buildings or ambulances which justifies the military attacks on such places. Basically what both militaries are doing is indiscriminately firing rockets, missiles or shells anywhere they want and then claiming that the buildings or vehicles they have hit or demolished have been used by militants as a hiding place. Such a claim basically allows both militaries to do whatever they want no matter how illegal it might be. Both governments prefer to pursue a lebensraum policy rather than pursue any peace agreement – the only difference being is that whilst russian speaking ukrainians can flee to russia or other parts of the ukraine the palestinians living in the gazan open prison have nowhere to go. But then again is it that surprising that the ukrainian military is acting similarly to the jewish military when its jewish president and prime minister have such close contacts with the jews-only state and espouse the same likudnik propaganda?

The jos continually insists it has a right to defend itself. Western neocons regurgitate the same proposition. However, this proposition is more than just a statement of the obvious. It’s first implication is that the jos can go on the military offensive slaughtering large numbers of innocent people whilst claiming it is only defending itself. Secondly, this proposition implies the jos has the right to use whatever scale of military force it wants against unarmed civilians. Thirdly, the jewish state believes that its right of self defence is a special human right applicable only to jews – it does not apply to palestinians. Palestinians have no right to defend themselves. They just have to suffer whatever the jewish state decides to impose upon them. The bbc for example has never once mentioned that palestinians have a right to defend themselves against overwhelming military force. American politicians, bought and paid for by jewish oligarchs, also believe the jewish state is entitled to this exclusive human right. Any act of self defence by palestinians is instantly denounced as an act of aggression which cannot be tolerated.

The fourth implication of the jews’ exclusive right to defend themselves is that palestinians always initiate conflicts to which the jews are forced to respond. According to this propaganda, hamas continually fires rockets at the jewish state which eventually gets fed up of being attacked forcing it to try and stop such attacks. The racist state is thus portrayed as a poor, innocent victim of psychopathic palestinian aggression. But this propaganda is so much hasbara. After the zionist state’s attack on gaza in november 2012 hamas abided by the ceasefire agreement and did not fire any rockets at the jewish state for 19 months. It resumed firing rockets on july 7. “Thus, a report from an authoritative Israeli source described the provocation for the resumption of rocket fire: Hamas rocket fire began only after Israeli forces had engaged in nearly a month of military operations in violation of the ceasefire agreement and had killed 6 Hamas members in Gaza. The facts show that Israeli forces had to work quite hard to get Hamas to end its cease-fire. The killing of the six Hamas members was not an isolated event. Israeli forces and settlers had gone wild on the West Bank starting on June 12 after the kidnapping of three Israeli teens. Israeli forces had also attacked 60 targets in Gaza during those three weeks of June. Then, on the night of July 7, 2014, the Israeli Air Force had attacked approximately 50 more “terrorist targets” in the Gaza Strip, as described in the ITIC report.” James Marc Leas ‘Why Did Bernie Sanders Get Gaza So Wrong?’ http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/07/24/why-did-bernie-sanders-get-gaza-so-wrong/ July 24, 2014). See also, “The claim that Israel is merely acting in self-defense fails on a number of counts. As I and others have been saying from the beginning, the Netanyahu government willfully and cynically used the murders of three Israelis as an excuse to provoke Hamas with mass arrests and widespread activities that included the deaths of nine Palestinian civilians before this operation started. That removes the self-defense argument from the start.” (Mitchell Plitnick ‘Israel-Palestine: Correcting Some Faulty Ideas on Both Sides’ http://www.lobelog.com/israel-palestine-correcting-some-faulty-ideas/ July 26, 2014).

The likudnik dominated american government also uses this moral exclusivity to its political advantage. Hence it believes the fascist ukrainian government has a right to defend itself against what it labels as terrorists but the supposed terrorists i.e. civilian russian speakers in eastern ukraine have no right to defend themselves against the onslaughts of the ukrainian military. American neocons also claim exclusivity over the ‘right to protect’ principle wherever american citizens are involved and does not allow this principle to be used by any other country seeking to protect its citizens e.g. russia is not allowed to protect its citizens being slaughtered in the ukraine. When putin tries to help his compatriots he is allegedly involved in anschluss.

In case this analysis might lead some to suggest that there is some left wing bias involved here, it is necessary to point out that whilst russia and the anti-fascists in the ukraine cannot be blamed for deliberately shooting down a commercial airliner and that putin is acting as a global peacemaker in helping anti fascists resist the fascist ukrainian government’s military slaughter in eastern ukraine, there is one major way in which putin deserves condemnation. He is helping president sisi to consolidate his grip over egypt and to continue with his odious policy of besieging the palestinians in gaza. Sisi’s hatred of hamas is leading him to inflict collective punishment on palestinians in gaza and he’d probably have joined in the shelling of gaza if his country wasn’t economically bankrupt – perhaps using russian armaments supplied to him by putin. Putin’s desire to establish a political and military foothold in egypt has led him to abandon the palestinians. The palestinians have never been so alone as they are today. Around the world they have virtually no friends. Only turkey and, ironically, a few shia governments in the middle east are willing to defend them politically. Not even that rampaging group of drugged out religious nutcases isis protest about what the jewish state is inflicting on their co-religionists. The saudis have finally given up trying to pretend they care anything about the palestinians. Ever since the jewish lobby in america offered to protect the saudis from any political recriminations over their role in 9/11, the saudis have become bitches to their jewish masters and their sole political role has been to prevent arabs around the world from understanding the degree of their capitulation. The saudis have financed isis and sisi (truly a mirror image of each other) so perhaps the palestinians are better off without the stench of saudi state fundamentalists, the world’s greatest sponsor of state terrorism. Is it any wonder that the world’s two greatest terrorist states have teamed up together to destroy hamas in gaza. “The attack on Gaza comes by Saudi Royal Appointment. This royal warrant is nothing less than an open secret in Israel, and both former and serving defense officials are relaxed when they talk about it. Former Israeli defense minister Shaul Mofaz surprised the presenter on Channel 10 by saying Israel had to specify a role for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the demilitarization of Hamas. Asked what he meant by that, he added that Saudi and Emirati funds should be used to rebuild Gaza after Hamas had been defanged.” (Attack on Gaza by Saudi Royal Appointment’ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-hearst/attack-on-gaza-by-saudi-r_b_5603735.html July 20, 2014).

The invasion of gaza is part of an incremental lebensraum policy to remove all palestinians from palestine. Just as the jos continually steals palestinian land in the west bank so it is pushing the gazan border closer and closer to the sea. Gaza is surrounded by a fence which nominally marks the border with the jewish state but over the years the jos has created an increasingly large no-man’s land on the gazan side of the fence which gazans can no longer access. Gaza was once 140 square miles in size but the continual expansion of this no-man’s land is increasingly eating into this space forcing increasing numbers of palestinians to live in smaller areas. If this lebensraum process continues then eventually most gazans will be living on the beach.

Netanyahu’s extreme right wing fascist government has realized that now is the time to decimate the palestinians, or perhaps make their lives so infernal that it drives them out of the country, without the global community raising a finger of protest. Human morality is in a downspin and is being pushed towards a self destructive global oblivion by rampant neocons around the world especially in america, but also in britain, france, canada, australia, the ukraine saudi arabia, and even russia itself. If the heads of state of america, britain, france, canada, and australia were to meet to discuss their countries’ long term objective it would be to promote a neocon agenda waging wars against enemies of the racist state and boosting the expansion of the jewish colonial state in the middle east. The neocons are renowned for their admiration of winston churchill but they believe the politician who most closely resembles his qualities is benjamin netanyahu, the leader of the free world, the world’s greatest promoter and instigator of islamophobia.

The western world’s willingness to tolerate a nation blockading and besieging 2 million people for the last 8 years keeping them in an open prison is not merely a reflection of its political decadence but is indicative of the control that the racist state has over western countries. Jewish oligarchs have basically bought off western politicians and the western media who thereby sacrifice their own national interests for the sake of boosting the jewish empire and global jewish power. The invasion of iraq, and the threat of wars against syria and iran, are not in the national interests of the western world. They are of benefit only to the jews-only state.

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