July 5, 2007

Blair Flees Britain

Updated July 16, 2007
When blair resigned as prime minister it was widely expected he would retire to the backbenches and start making arrangements for lucrative lecture tours to likudnik dominated universities in america as a fabulous remuneration for his many years of loyal service to the global likudnik cause. It should have been obvious however, that blair could not go back to an ordinary life in britain whether as an mp meeting his constituents or, going out in public doing everyday things such as shopping, going to restaurants, the theatre, etc. Blair is so despised and hated by millions of people in britain that if he’d tried to live a normal life then he would have had to have been protected by huge numbers of private security guards to stop members of the public from expressing their contempt for him. He had acted so treacherously towards his own country that he can no longer remain in the country doing ordinary, everyday things because of the abuse he would receive from ordinary members of the public.

What a striking contrast to 1997 when he won the general election. Before he became britain’s likudnik prime minister, blair was mobbed everywhere he went because he was deemed a breath of fresh air in comparison to the wide-scale corruption of the tory party. He was regarded as being honest, a man of integrity, who would foster more progressive civilized values in a society still stifled by repressive tory values. Today, he’d also be mobbed everywhere he went but for entirely contrasting reasons since many regard him as a mass murderer, war criminal, and likudnik quisling. "Britain's most despised and discredited man ended his 10 year reign June 27 when he stepped down from office transferring his ruling Labor Party's leadership to successor Gordon Brown. He had no choice because of seething public displeasure over his allying with George Bush's illegal wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. Tony Blair is despised and discredited at home, hated across the world, and the Arab street condemns him." (Stephen Lendman ‘Reinventing A War Criminal’ http://www.countercurrents.org/lendman030707A.htm July 03, 2007); "The disaster in Iraq had made him a much hated politician and slowly support began to ebb." (Tariq Ali ‘Bush's Zombie Shuffles Off. Adieu, Blair, Adieu’ http://www.counterpunch.org/tariq05102007.html May 10, 2007). Although most of the british establishment adored him there were still those who took a more populist view. "This, too, is mild compared to what is said about Blair in the British Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence. Senior diplomats have told me on more than one occasion that it would not upset them too much if Blair were to be tried as a war criminal." (Tariq Ali ‘Bush's Zombie Shuffles Off. Adieu, Blair, Adieu’ http://www.counterpunch.org/tariq05102007.html May 10, 2007).

Bush invented the post of ‘peace envoy to the middle east’ not merely because he wanted blair to play an important role with condoleezza rice in pretending to the world that america wanted peace in the middle east but primarily to give blair something to do out of britain. In other words, he was helping blair to flee britain to escape the hostility of a substantial proportion of the british people – the "natives" as that treacherous jew robert maxwell used to call them.

One section of british society which would have loved to have had the opportunity to meet blair were the relatives of dead british troops. But, just like ehud olmert who refused to meet the relatives of dead jewish soldiers killed during the jews’ attack on lebanese civilians in july 2006, blair refused to meet the relatives of dead british servicemen. "Tony Blair, who never had contact with relatives of British soldiers lost in Iraq or Afghanistan ..." (Raymond Whitaker ‘Brown's Wars Part 2: Meltdown on the frontline in Basra’ http://news.independent.co.uk/world/middle_east/article2725713.ece July 01, 2007). It has to be asked why should he try to console grieving relatives when his war against iraq was intended solely to benefit the jews-only state in palestine?

So the story of blair’s political career is now obvious. He won the approval of the hardline, likudnik fundamentalist, rupert murdoch which enabled him to win a landslide in the 1997 general election. He was funded by the likudnik fundraiser lord levy to implement likudnik foreign policies. And now he’s being paid to spin the likudnik illusion that the jews want peace in the middle east. It’s interesting that blair’s only other job offer was from the likudnik extremist murdoch.

Blair is britain’s first prime minister who has acted so treacherously towards his own country that he’s no longer welcome in it. The only country in which he’s welcome as a true hero is in the jos. No wonder he’s gone to live and work there.


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