February 11, 2007

An Example of the Jewish Lobby and the Anti-War Movement in the UK

Poju zabludowcz’s .. "main interest lies in his london based business, ivory gate. .. the boss of ivory gate is also the mr moneybags behind .. bicom (the britain israel communications and research centre) the semi-public face of britain’s zionist lobby, charged with spinning israel’s case to the media. That there is a zionist lobby and that it is rich, potent and effective goes largely unquestioned on the left. Big jewry, like big tobacco, is seen as one of life’s givens. Read the liberal press almost any day of the week, and you will find that israel comes off worst. The truth is that the zionist lobby does exist but it is a clueless bunch." (Dennis Sewell New Statesman January 14, 2002 p.15-16).

Five years ago sewell seemed to believe bicom was just a front organization designed to defend the jews-only state in palestine (jos) and to present the jos in the best possible light in britain. And yet is it possible that bicom has since undergone a dramatic change in its political views? Bicom is now part of an alliance to encourage peace with iran. "Military action against Iran to shut down its nuclear programme would be "highly dangerous" and "counter-productive", a group of leading think-tanks and other experts warned. "Only through direct US-Iranian engagement can an agreement be found," it says. "The international community must do all they can to make sure the soft power options of sanctions and diplomacy prevent the unthinkable," said Lorna Fitzsimons, head of the British-Israel Communications and Research Centre. Among the report's authors are the development charity Oxfam, the Blairite think-tank the Foreign Policy Centre, along with Unison, Amicus and the GMB, three of Britain's biggest trade unions. Also co-authoring the report are religious organisations such as the Muslim Council of Britain, and Pax Christi, an international Christian anti-war charity." (‘Experts warn West against attacking Iran’ http://sg.news.yahoo.com/070205/1/46gq2.html February 06, 2007). It is not known whether bicom initiated the alliance or was just asked to join its ranks.

Politically, it is a positive step forward that bicom is part of an anti-war alliance but perhaps this alliance is not all that it seems. One of the other groups in this alliance is the blairite think-tank, 'the foreign policy centre' which, given blair's neocon warmongering is far from reassuring. But then again the alliance does have some progressive, left wing, and even religious, credentials given that other members include oxfam, three big trade unions and a couple of faith groups. "The charity Oxfam, unions Unison, GMB and Amicus, have been joined by the Muslim Parliament and Christian Solidarity Worldwide in signing the report." (‘Iran strike 'would be disastrous'’ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/6330353.stm February 05, 2007). But then bicom's head makes clear its worries, "Former Labour MP Lorna Fitzsimons warned that time was "running out" to stop Iran becoming nuclear-armed." (‘Iran strike 'would be disastrous'’ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/6330353.stm February 05, 2007). Sounding like a likudnik extremist who has cast iron proof of iran's intentions to create nuclear weapons, fitzsimons uses the platform provided by this alliance to sound the alarm against iran, ""But Ms Fitzsimons, chief executive of the Britain-Israel Communications and Research Centre, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "What we are talking about here is Iran reaching the ability on an industrial scale to manufacture highly enriched uranium." Ms Fitzsimons said: "That is the watershed. There is no return from that point. You can't get the genie back in the bottle technologically once they have sorted out the problem they currently have with their centrifuges. I don't think you can stop it. You might be able to disrupt it. It's a question of looking at how far you can go down the line where you lose the ability to disrupt it."" (‘Iran strike 'would be disastrous'’ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/6330353.stm February 05, 2007). Surely the issue is not iran developing nuclear power but the hypocrisy of western nations denying such power to iran? Surely the issue is jewish, american, and british, warmongering - launching unprovoked, pre-emptive wars against countries on the basis of lies and fabricated evidence?

Even worse is that this alliance supports sanctions against iran to force it to negotiate! This stance is based on a number of likudnik prejudices. Firstly, that it is iran which has opposed negotiations even though it was america which set terms for negotiations that makes any dialogue with iran impossible. Secondly, that iran is in the wrong for demanding its right under the non-proliferation treaty to develop civil nuclear power. Thirdly, that iran should be punished with unnamed sanctions - not merely united nations' sanctions but perhaps even crippling unilateral sanctions imposed by america and its allies.

The alliance's acceptance of sanctions against iran will do nothing to stop a war against iran since it is obvious, as happened in the build up to the invasion of iraq, that sanctions are a prelude to war. In conclusion, it has to be suggested that this 'anti-war alliance' is doing nothing to promote peace. It is simply disarming critics of the war to make an attack on iran much more publicly feasible. What the acceptance of sanctions against iran proves is that the poison of jewish bigotry has seeped so deeply into british political life that it has now become almost second nature.


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